German Academy Update from Britta Roper

An Update on the German Academy From its Lead Director

July 8, 2016

Dear Parents,

It is already Friday, and another week with the Germany Academy has flown by! This past Sunday, the students celebrated the Fourth of July early by watching a stunning fireworks display in Poultney. The celebrations carried over into Monday when the students marched in the town parade. They carried the various flags of German-speaking countries and painted the German flag on their faces.

This week’s activities included nature walks, music jams, swimming, and playing volleyball and, of course, Germany’s favorite sport, soccer. On Thursday, Germany played France in the Euro Soccer Cup semi-finals. Even though the students did their best to cheer on Germany during our Academy-wide viewing, unfortunately France still managed to snag the win. Wednesday night marked the second meeting of clubs and the members of the Video, Music, Cooking and Art Clubs met to work on various tasks. The Cooking Club baked a delicious dessert, while the Music Club practiced a Karnevallied (Carnival Song) to be performed later for their peers.

Evening programs varied throughout the week from having a guest speaker to watching a film. The guest speaker this week was Daniela Muss, a native German, from the Goethe Institut. She shared information about the Institut and played entertaining games with the students such as German Trivia, Bingo and a Song-Quiz. This week’s film was Sophie Scholl-The Final Days. After the film, the students had a fascinating discussion over the movie and its historical aspects.

To wrap up the week on Friday, the students reviewed what they had learned in class. Frau C and Herr Kutcha’s class presented scenes from ordering in a restaurant. Frau Roper’s class presented on the topics they researched—including Oktoberfest, Christmas Markets, the Berlinale and Fasching. The architecture and art groups showed off the masterpieces they had created. The art group painted expressionist inspired pieces, and the architecture group constructed model buildings in the Gothic and Classical styles.

The students definitely have a lot to look forward to with field trips to St. Michael’s College for Field Day and a hiking and adventure park day at Bromley Mountain!

Britta Roper

Britta Roper, German Lead Director