German Academy Says Goodbye

July 20, 2018

Language: German

Location: Saint Michael’s College

Daily Schedule

Students go home! 

What the German Academy learned today:

We made it to the end of camp! Thank you to everyone who put in the time and energy to make this experience so amazing. Students have been working so hard and have accomplished so much! Last night was graduation and the last dance with the other Academies. Here are speeches from two students selected to represent the German Academy in their target language. 

William Fortescue

Ni hao! Marhaba! Hallo, and good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are now at the end of a very interesting journey. I will never forget this journey into the German language. We played, sang, created, laughed, loved, and partied a lot. It sounds like a lot of fun, but we quickly learned that life is not easy at the German department.

Sometimes, things were difficult. For example, it was difficult to tell Brian and Tiarra apart- they have the same haircut! In Tiarra’s sweatshop, we created lots of nice crafts and her standards are very high. I have the suspicion that she’s been selling everything on Etsy. The Language Director, Mr. Lavery, looks very nice with his big smile and even bigger hair. Don’t let that fool you! He’s clearly a supporter of diabetes. We’ve eaten so many gummy bears and you must see his coffee Cultural Exploration- chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, cocoa powder, honey, cookies, and sprinkles. It’s a wonder that we still have any teeth. With Sandra we had to perform so many different things- Rock Mi, waltzes, and music videos. I believe she thinks that we are the next von Trapp family. I’ve got to give it to her, she is really good. Frau C. is a mystery. She has two personalities; Frau C. and Franzi. We never know what to expect. Admittedly, having a second teacher in the classroom has helped us learn a lot. Mr. Kuchta, or Benjamin Bleistifit, is the worst villain on the team. His yoga positions come directly from the devil. It is pure torture, but I’ve got to admit that my leg muscles have never felt so relaxed. And now about Scott. (Insider jokes, sorry). Of course, he is the best skier in our Academy.

Through our efforts, we have gained so much! This Academy was so much fun, and I totally recommend it! Xia Xia! Shukron! Danke!

Bella Butler

Good evening Chinese Academy, Arabic Academy, and my small but awesome German Academy. My time here at MIL Academy was short, but great. I learned a lot about German culture and even a little about Arabic and Chinese cultures. With Mrs. Carafiol I learned about architecture; Classical, Baroque, and Gothic styles. We constructed buildings out of paper, cardboard, and acrylic paint. In our Cultural Exploration class with Mr. Kuchta I learned about travel in Europe. In our classes, we learned a lot about food, the body, activities, countries, languages, and the environment. In our free time, we played tennis, volleyball, and soccer. We danced a lot on campus.

I liked the trip to Branbury State Park, because we had a lot of fun with the Arabic Academy in the water and on the volleyball court. Our trip to the Trapp Family Lodge was especially impressive because we had the chance to meet Maria von Trapp’s son, Johannes von Trapp. The trip to Middlebury was also really great because we worked and spoke with college students.

Next week, when I’m no longer at the German Academy, I will miss the grils, the boys, the ice-cream in the cafeteria, my RAs (Scott, Sandra, and Tiarra), my teachers (Mrs. C. and Mr. Kuchta) and of course, our LD, Mr. Lavery. I have learned so much at the Academy, but most importantly I learned about perseverance, compassion for my peers, and came to terms with the learning process in speaking a second language. I would definitely recommend to any teen to learn German at the MIL Academy because it is so much fun learning here! I wish you all a nice rest of your summer and I will miss you all very much!

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