German Academy Bromley Mountain Adventure

German students visit the Bromley Mountain Adventure Park

July 12, 2016

Today the German Academy ventured to Bromley Mountain Adventure Park! Students arrived at the park and started the day off with a nice hike up to the top of the Alpine Slide. We chose quite the ideal day to hike, as the views from the top were breathtaking! 

The slide at Bromley is actually North America's first triple-tracked Alpine Slide and still one of the longest slides in the world! For two-thirds of a mile German Academy members sped down the track, racing one another to the bottom. The ride is quite similar to bobsledding, except that instead of sliding on ice, riders roll down a smooth track made of concrete.

At the base of the mountain there were many other activities to partake in including a giant swing, miniature golf, rock climbing, a water slide and trampoline. Overall the German Academy thoroughly enjoyed their time at Bromley Adventure Park and many students mentioned their desire to return as there were simply too many activities to fit into a single day!

German Academy at the top of Bromley