First Day in Beijing!

July 2, 2018

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

Daily Schedule:

8:05-9:20 Morning Assembly & Breakfast

9:30-10:20 Class Block 1

10:30-11:20 Class Block 2

11:30-12:20 Class Block 3

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:10-15:50 Orientation Presentation

16:00-17:00 RA Group Icebreakers

17:10-19:00 Welcome Dinner

19:15-20:20 Visit Super Market and Return to Campus

20:30-21:20 Study Hall

21:30-22:30 Room Check

23:00 Lights Out!

What the Beijing Academy did today:

After a long day of flights and navigating airports, the Beijing program finally kicked off its first full day. Following a western style breakfast, students met their teachers for the month and classes convened in the morning. Students eagerly took advantage of their last 24 hours speaking English and got to know each other over a Chinese lunch and afternoon activities. Staff met with students in the afternoon and gave an overview of the program and set expectations for the Language Pledge® which students will begin tomorrow morning. Afterward RA's gathered students and their hallmates for a series of icebreakers and games which allowed students to chat, relax, and further bond.

The night wrapped up with a bountiful dinner which included classics such as Kung Pao chicken and dumplings while introducing students to a variety of new foods they probably haven't encountered at home. Students headed to study hall before bed and prepared for the week ahead.

Check back on Wednesday to read more about the Beijing academy!

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