First Academic Assembly and Handmade Stamp Workshop

July 2, 2017

Students participated in their first Academic Assembly of the program.

The Academic Assembly is a chance for students from each academic class to perform an original, and mostly improvised, skit for the rest of the academy. The skits are lively and comical, and have the higher goal of allowing students to showcase what they have learned this week in their academic classes. A few of the themes that students highlighted in this week’s skits included how to strike up a conversation with a new acquaintance, identifying stereotypes in the host country’s culture and their own culture, and fighting for human rights and equality. Students did an outstanding job and had a lot of fun as well!

Students also participated in a handmade stamp workshop with a local art instructor from the contemporary art museum DA2. They learned how to design their own original stamps, and how to use specialized tools to bring their designs to completion. It was a new process for almost all of the students. They learned a lot and at the end of the workshop they were able to take their handmade stamps home with them.  

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