Exchange Evening

June 29, 2017

Today our students had the opportunity to meet some local Spanish students.

They met at the IES center where the mentors and staff had prepared some food and drinks to sweeten the event. At the beginning only the few brave enough to break the ice approached the Spanish students, but shortly thereafter they were followed by everyone and in no time they were all laughing, joking and practicing their language skills. Toby was really happy when he found out that the boy he was talking to was from Andorra (one doesn’t always get to know someone from Andorra, right?). Friendships were made as we ran out of bocadillos and dulces. In the end, although no one wanted to say goodbye to their new Spanish friends, they exchanged Whatsapps, Instragrams and phone numbers.

On their way home some students were lucky enough to find a small verbena. They didn’t hesitate and got up on stage to dance to the sound of despacito.

¡Adios, amigos!

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