A Day of Sports, and Extreme Creativity!

June 28, 2017

Another busy day here at Green Mountain College complete! Here were some of the highlights from the different academies! 


  • Students interviewed each other about their social media platforms, and blogs that they follow.
  • Students in lower levels learned more about French fasion, as well as practiced vocabulary over morning routines. 


  • For CE, Chinese Academy students took part in making delicious stir-fried rice with their teachers.
  • Students learned more about Chinese music, and even took part in an amazing dance session.


  • German students spent some time in the campus garden here at GMC, and learned about how to describe things in the natural world. 
  • Students studied German modern art, and also got a chance to make a few works of their own as well.

With clear skies throughout, today was a great day to start outdoor activities. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of the soccer, capture the flag, and softball games that went on! 

After dinner, each of the academies broke off into their own evening activities. I'd like to especially focus on the French Academy's evening: an activity called "Creativity to Categories". As the students gathered into their assembly hall, the French RAs divided the into groups, and presented each group with a selection of random items from the French dorm. With one of the RAs acting as MC, they presented their challenge to the students: the students had to choose an item from the selection, and relate it to categories ranging from Harry Potter, Courses, Playing Baseball, and even the RAs themselves. The groups would then present their object to "the judges" (the RAs), and explain how meaningful their object was to the category. 

The French students took to this challenge with flying colors, with each student confidently relating their group's object to the topic at hand. My personal favorite of the night was for the last category, focusing on the RAs. As one French student came forward, she presented a flashlight. Her explanation? That the RAs, like any good flashlight, light the students' way through language learning. 

To check out even more moments from today, please head over to our Facebook page! And as always, check back in tomorrow for more updates from GMC!