Culture Outside the Classroom: Evening Activities at GMC

Here's a spotlight on some of the exciting evening activities here at Green Mountain College!

July 5, 2017

Although the average focus of a student's day here at MIL is spent on classes and cultural exploration (CE) activities, there is a part of their day that is often understated. It varies quite a lot from day to day, but is often just as or even more exciting than class time. In addition, it often can be just as culturally immersive as scheduled CE activities. And this part of the day? The much-understated "evening activities".

While they may sound uninteresting from their title, these activities are anything but that. Anything can happen at this time after dinner, from study hall, clubs, creating cultural cuisine, or even serious discussions or debates in language. And without further ado, I'll walk you through some of the interesting going-ons that happened here at Green Mountain College tonight! 

German Academy students took part in a variety of cultural activities tonight, with each group focusing on a different area. While some students learned how to make the perfect spätzle, others learned and competed with each other in Handball at the same time. And whether it was through scoring points or savoring pasta, smiles were to be had all around! 

The Chinese Academy, meanwhile settled in for a much more mellow, but appreciated study hall session. And after several evening activities worth of clubs, Chinese movies, and making Chinese cuisine, it was easy to see why! 

Finally, the French Academy was all over campus today, as tonight marked an exciting club meeting night!  Students chose between dance classes, playing theatre games in Opera Club, taking pictures with Photograpy Club, making scrumption Poutine with Cooking Club, or jamming out in Music Club. As with every night, it was extremely busy, but also rewarding and fun! 

I hope you've enjoyed this look into the evening hours of the day here at MIL! Come back tomorrow for more updates from Green Mountain College! 

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