A Culinary Quest in Québec! (Updated w/pictures)

July 10, 2016

Today, students walked into several restaurants, cafés, food stores and more to ask questions and fill out a fun fact-filled sheet.  

Before starting this competition, ice-cream dipped in chocolate gave them the fuel they needed.  All the teams wanted to be first at the meeting point. In the end, they were happy with the experience of having to ask total strangers for directions or getting free food at one of the designated locations. In groups, all students continued their discovery of Québec and picked their own restaurants for dinner. Tonight, we have a tired but happy (and full) group of French speakers…

Here are some of the questions:

-What’s the name of the gelato store manager?

-Ask a salesperson in the pastry shop where you can buy fish.

-On rue Cartier, what store is named after a region of France?

-Name 2 products sold at la Pinoche.

Students in Québec