Cooking Class

July 13, 2017

One of the best parts about going abroad to Spain is to get the chance to taste the wide variety of dishes, tapas, and traditional food. It’s even better if you get a cooking class to learn how to cook a delicious paella and a refreshing limonada (lemonade).

Last Tuesday, the students joined the staff in an amazing cooking class led by two professional chefs at a local cooking school. They were charmed by the beauty of the place (it looked like both a dining room and a restaurant kitchen) when they came in. The chefs explained how a paella is traditionally made and then the students had a go at cooking it.

Some chopped the onions and vegetables, others stir-fried, and the rest squeezed lemons, mixed ingredients or checked on the pan. The result was three gorgeous paellas, two made out of seafood and meat, and the third a veggie one with peppers, artichoke and zucchini.

Lucky us, we all tried the paellas and we drank the lemonade. Mmmm tasty!!! Before leaving, the chefs gave the students the recipe for the paella so that they can cook it when they go back to the States, and they even let them keep their aprons!