Classes, Pledges, and Goodbyes to English

Students today officially recited and signed the Language Pledge®, committing to four weeks of total immersion here at MIL!

June 26, 2017

And just like that, the first day here of the MIL Summer Language Academies at Green Mountain College has been completed! As the first day of the Chinese, French, and German academies flew by, students were kept busy throughout its entirety.

Students started the day by taking quick placement tests for their respective academies. Once these were out of the way, they then immediately jumped into their classes with their teachers!

Although afternoon activities were cancelled by a sudden rainstorm, students still enjoyed a welcome break from the rush of the first day. In their dorms, students took part in making hall decorations, playing cards, as well as just getting to know their hall mates.

Finally, students assembled for the most anticipated moment of the day: The Language Pledge®. In order to succeed and improve, students must abide by this pledge. The Language Pledge® is a binding contract students must keep while attending the academy. This pledge restricts them to communicating only in their target language (French, Chinese, and German respectively). From this moment onwards, NO English will be spoken by students, except during times they may call their families.

Many of the Chinese, French, and German students were nervous as they filed into their respective assembly areas. However, the Language Directors, teachers, RAs, and even returning students each took time to encourage and congratulate them for what they’re doing. As the students came up in groups to sign the Language Pledge®, every staff member congratulated each student, welcoming them as they embark on this grand journey.

Thus begins the adventure of total immersion.

French Students Assembled for the Language Pledge®