Chinese Cultural Exploration!

July 7, 2014

Every day, each academy participates in a cultural exploration class. Culture and language go hand in hand, so this class is integral to understanding. This week, students could choose between San Guo Sha (a Chinese card game), puppet shows and pop music in Chinese.

The students in the San Guo Sha class are first learning to play this card game. Today their teacher reviewed the rules and the students played the game together, communicating in Mandarin the entire time. In the puppet shows class, students are creating their own puppets out of card stock and felt, which they will later put to use in a puppet show in Mandarin.

The pop music in Chinese class consists of a variety of musical activities, all of which culminate in a music video creation project. Their teacher, Connor created a backing track with Garage Band, which will support the lyrics that the students will write. On the last day of this class students will shoot the music video for the song they’ve written. This cultural exploration also consists of other fun musical activities that lead up to the final project, such as watching music videos and live performances, singing, playing “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” and competing in rap battles.  (In “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” students sing along with a song, karaoke-style, but at a given point the written lyrics disappear and the students must continue singing the song without the lyrics.) Today, the class covered romantic/slow/sad ballads, which involved singing a popular Chinese song of that genre. To conclude, the music video should be complete by the end of the week. Until then, we are anxiously awaiting its debut!

-Stephanie Loiselle, Activities Coordinator