The Casino of Salamanca

July 14, 2017

The Casino of Salamanca, located in the historic Palacio de Figueroa, lets you see the aesthetic taste of people who have been able to decorate it with paintings, tapestries and sculptures of beauty and artistic interest for over 150 years.

The careful attention and the wide frame of its neo-renaissance  patio make it an ideal place for social celebrations for members of the casino and their relatives, as well as official and public acts. They are also famous for their many festivities, including Fairs of Salamanca, Carnival, and San Juan de Sahagún.

Our Middlebury students were lucky to enjoy a fun night out in the main ballroom of the Casino of Salamanca. When they arrived, students sat with friends enjoying sodas and lemonades, chatting and admiring the room. Soon after, waiters began bringing out flights of different tapas for students to enjoy.

Then, Ana put on her best of 2005 Latino music playlist and the party began! Students spent the rest of the evening having a blast on the dance floor.

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