Capture the Flag, Calligraphy, Yoga and More!

April 10, 2014

Even though learning and class time are a big part of the MMLA experience, there are other opportunities to learn language outside the classroom. Every day, we were given various activities that we could do after classes, ranging from drawing to sports to card games. Personally, these activities helped me learn the language that I might not have learned vocabulary in class that was specific to that activity. For example, when we played Capture the Flag, I had to learn some sports vocabulary pretty quickly.

It’s one thing to get the knowledge of language and never use it. But having activities that engaged us in using the vocabulary really locked that knowledge in place.

With that said, my favorite activities were calligraphy and yoga. In calligraphy, we made characters, which was good for me because I could practice my handwriting (which wasn’t very good). Yoga was just fun. It was just time spent with my friends, which is the best part about any activity.

Every Sunday morning, my RA would take our group into the town of Poultney to go shopping. The grocery store in Poultney got a lot of business that summer, I can assure you. We practiced our food vocabulary and directions as well as buildings in a town. It was a different experience from that of a classroom, and it was one of my most memorable times at MMLA.


Jasmine Hubara is junior in high school from Charleston, South Carolina. She is currently attending MMLA for Chinese, but also takes French and Spanish in school. This is her second year at Green Mountain College. Outside of school, she’s active in her synagogue youth and is busy with her senior thesis project and planning her future trip around the world (a girl can dream, right?).