BREAKING NEWS: The German Academy Strikes Back

July 16, 2017

In a stunning turn of events here at Green Mountain College, the German Academy has taken French RA Alexis d'Albissin hostage! This is another tense moment in the French-German Academy rivalry! 

The act happened during lunch hour today, while both academies were in the cafeteria. As Alexis was going back for seconds, he was surrounded and swarmed by German Academy vigilantes. The German Academy then announced that until beloved academy icon "Karl der Kleine" is returned to them, Alexis would remain in German hands! As a show of defiance, the French Academy also finally confirmed their status as Karl's captors!

At this time, delegates from both academies are currently in tense closed-door negotiations as both sides attempt to resolve the issue. While these progress, though, students from both academies are doing what they can to show off their pride! 

Please check back in for more updates on this unfolding story!