From Ballroom Dancing to Brushstroke Painting - Cultural Exploration at MIL

June 27, 2017

Not a single sound of English was heard on campus today as students wholeheatedly jumped into their classes! Throughout the day, students in the French, German, and Chinese language academies took part in classroom time, cultural exploration, and a slew of activities: from improv-comedy, work out routines, and culturally relevant movies. 

French academy students began their journey into French culture by covering a wide variety of topics this morning. From history, to music, and even to fashion, a full display of French culture was visible. In the evening, students had the chance to view some of France's unique cinematic experiences as well. 

Chinese students, meanwhile, embarked on an excursion marked with drawstroke painting, fan dances and even music videos. To cap things off, their teachers even prepared a "street fair" for them in which they had the chance to practice their Chinese while "ordering" authentic Chinese street food! 

Finally, German students learned more about German culture through one of the most interesting ways: ballroom dancing. With their teachers directing them (in German, of course!), they waltzed their way through several classical German pieces. While they may have started out a little nervous, they had cut a rug across campus by the end of the night! 

Check out some of the images from today here, or on our Facebook Page! And as always, check back here tomorrow for some more updates into the going-ons here at Green Mountain College! 

German Students Waltzing through Life!