Assemblies, Mentor/Student Check-ins and an Array of Games and Workshops

July 12, 2019

Language: Spanish
Location: Salamanca

What the Salamanca Academy did today: Today was a busy day for MIL Academy participants! After our morning assembly, students spent their morning in class expanding their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

During the afternoon, they attended our Academic Assembly and displayed projects that they had prepared with our Spanish teachers. Then, they proceeded to individually check in with the mentors and talk about their week in the academy.

Later on, students chose between grammar club, board games, singing and instrument playing or a rayograph workshop. We learned about Spanish idioms and expressions, got competitive playing Scattergories and Uno and showed the rest of the group our musical and artistic skills. It was a fun and constructive way to end our week!

Today’s Schedule

7:30—8:00 am—Breakfast with host families
9:00 am—9:30 am—Morning Assembly
9:30 am—11:00 am—Class Block 1
11:00 am—11:30 am—Break & snack
11:30 am—1:30 pm—Cultural Exploration Class
1:30 pm—2:30 pm—Free time
2:30 pm—4:30 pm—Lunch with host family
5:00 pm—5:30 pm—Academic Assembly
5:30 pm—6:15 pm—Mentor/student check-ins
6:15 pm—6:30 pm—Break & snack
6:30 pm—7:30 pm—Sign-up activities: singing or instrument playing/grammar club/board games/rayograph workshop
7:30 pm—9:00 pm—Free time/gym/running
9:00 pm—10:30 pm—Dinner and free time at home

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