Arabic Academy Shenanigans

July 7, 2014

Let’s take a step into Lyon Hall: the Arabic Academy’s dorm. On any given day, you’ll find water balloons, sidewalk chalk and birthday celebrations!

Each day, Arabic Academy RAs are in charge of finding creative activities for the students to enjoy after being in the classroom for five hours. Arabic students have had a ton of fun cooling off with water balloon fights coordinated by our RAs as well as creating artwork with sidewalk chalk with RA Emily outside of the Arabic dorm to mark our territory. We also celebrated Leila’s birthday! The office staff was kind enough to bring a delicious cake that we all got to enjoy as students sang “Happy Birthday,” “سنة حلوة”. During evening hours before the students go to bed, you can always find a few of them tossing a frisbee, kicking a soccer ball, playing cards or the piano and even Jenga.