July 7, 2014

The French Academy emerged victorious from this years Field Day Games!!!! ALLEZ LES FRANÇAIS!!! Although we are only 45 people strong (the smallest academy of the three) we kept the lead in the Olympics the entire day!!! We started in the morning by making posters and painting our faces with French flags and blue face paint (our team spirit was incredible) as our fanatiques led cheers for everyone to practice. In the activities, our team dominated the pool, field events, talent show and cheering competitions. The enthusiasm level was through the roof for our athletes in every competition. We even showed off our new dance the Logobitombo for the other academies, which was a hit that caught on with the other academies during the closing ceremonies. We ended the night with RA Zoeannouncing the results and the presentation of the trophy to our Director, Etienne. The French Academy celebrated for the rest of the night, proud of our success and for all the fun we had in the games. 

-Maggie Liston, French RA