Activities Galore!

A spotlight on the different activities that take place at the Summer Academy.

July 5, 2016

The activities that take place during activity period each day vary from day to day. Oftentimes the REs plan activities centered around their own interests. Let's take a look at a few of the activities that occurred today!

Some Arabic students went on a peaceful nature walk in Poultney. During this they paused a few times to appreciate their surroundings and draw what was in front of them. There are many hiking trails surrounding Green Mountain College, and it was nice to explore them and breath some fresh air!

Other Arabic students learned how to make paper lanterns themselves and once them were finished they were completely functional!

Some members of the Spanish academy participated in the acroyoga activity, which is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. Students formed groups of three and while two of them acted as the flyer and base, the third provided support as the spotter. Although acroyoga is certainly a physically demanding activity, there is also support that it could provide mental health benefits, such as stress relief, alongside improvement of concentration and strength. Students clearly enjoyed this innovative form of exercise, as their laughter rang out across campus when they attempted to master new positions.

Others participated in sports activities such as soccer, ultimate frisbee and dodgeball or more creative activities like sidewalk muraling, henna tattooing, improv, creative writing and friendship bracelet making.

Today was actually extra special for the German Academy who had a guest speaker from the Goethe-Institut, Daniela Muss, present as their evening program! Daniela led a series of interactive activities for the students to participate in including many fun games and group work. For one activity Daniela would play a clip from a German song and students tried to guess the title of the track from the lyrics they heard. It was quite fascinating to listen to all different genres of music in German!

Students enjoying their nature walk