4th of July Potluck Celebration at Bar Cum Laude

July 6, 2017

For our family potluck, students teamed up with their host moms to make delicious traditional Spanish dishes with some 4th of July flare.

It was a very special event that allowed students to share some of their American culture with host families, and to experience a little slice of home as we near that halfway mark of the program.

The impressive spread of plates laid out buffet-style on the bar included tortilla española, croquetas, empanadas, paella, and desserts such as tarta de tres chocolates and tarta de zanahoria. Students feasted with friends and families, enjoying laughs and easy conversation together, and then everyone hit the dance floor!

Students danced for hours, requesting their songs from the DJ and showing off their dance moves. Some of the best dancing of the night happened when students invited their host moms to dance with them.

The afternoon lessons are really paying off!

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