10 Favorite Words from Around the World

June 30, 2015

1. Spanish for the color orange, anaranjado just rolls off the tongue. Terry Goodlett


2. Staubsauger, the German word for vacuum, literally means “dust sucker.” Susan Lafky

le marais

3. Le marais, the French word for swamp, is also the name of a historic Parisian neighborhood. Penelope Wall

xie xie

4. Mandarin for thank you, xièxiè is perfectly balanced. Michelle Davis


5. The English word, lull, sounds just as calming as its definition: to soothe or send to sleep. Eric Mack


6. The Spanish word for ginger, genigibre, contains two distinct g-sounds. Kelly Dolan


7. An Italian word for shortcut, scorciatoia, is almost decadent. Laura Bozarth


8. The Arabic word zaqzara is a verb which describes the conversation of birds. Gabrielle LeBihan


9. Although technically Nahuatl, huachinango (“red snapper”) has also been adopted into the Spanish lexicon. Theresa Bruns


10. Huh is a universal exclamation of confusion and surprise. Barbara Sicot

What is your favorite word in any language? Share with us below.

Gabrielle LeBihan
Gabrielle LeBihan is a marketing intern at Middlebury Interactive Languages. She is currently a student at Nazareth College and hopes to graduate with a degree in Communications and Rhetoric, with minors in Spanish and Peace and Justice. In her free time, Gabrielle can most often be found running on the roads and trails of her hometown, Brant Lake, New York. Gabrielle also enjoys cooking, reading and playing the cello.
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